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Style, sophistication and substance

At one stage or another, we've all looked on in awe at a designer kitchen. We've admired the fittings, glossy benchtops and appliances. There is however one item that adds more impact, more value, giving a kitchen that "wow-factor" more than anything else. Something that everyone desires!

With a CBD Glass splashback, your kitchen will become a focal point in your home, and a talking point when entertaining guests. Offered in a wide variety of colours, a CBD Glass Splashback will add visual impact to your kitchen, and value to your home.

Splashback vs Tiles

In addition to being quicker and easier to install than tiles, more resilient and just gorgeous to look at, CBD Glass Splashback offer a number of distinct advantages over tiles in the kitchen. Being a uniform and flat surface, CBD Glass Splashbacks are easier to clean than tiles, preventing bacteria build up in crevices between ceramic tiles. Furthermore, the porous nature of tile grout makes it virtually impossible to keep clean, with grout discolouration a common problem with tiles

With a CBD Glass Splashback, you will have a more hygienic kitchen with the wow factor that you have been seeking in your home.

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